The Author

Samar Hachem is a young author of novels. Her first series, begun at the age of thirteen, is called “The Elect and Stellar Stones”.

With five volumes published and a sixth and last volume planned for the summer of 2017, Samar intends to win in French fantasy literature.

The Mission

Already published, Samar was looking for an illustrator to continue publishing her series with an attractive cover.

The manga style was a special request from the client, as well as a creative and fantasy universe.

Although the first two volumes were already published when I knew her, I started working on the cover of his third volume.

Tome 1

During the re-edition of the first volume, the client used my services to illustrate all of her books, in order to maintain a homogeneity among all the volumes. After having told me about the course of events happening in the first volume, it imposed itself to stage the four main characters. I started by offering her some sketches before actually tackling the illustration itself.

Tome 2

For the second volume, the heroine was captured by one of the antagonists of the story. I prefered to focus on the dramatic side of the scene by highlighting the two characters. Everything had to happen in a desert at sunrise with a misty castle in the background. I really wanted the home of the vampire to appear without being too present, so the subject of the illustration remains the two characters and not the scenery.

Tome 3

Chronologically, this is the first cover I made for the client. The characters are in a labyrinth during dawn, when smoky bright-eyed creatures emerge from their lairs to capture the lonely souls of the place. I had to show the characters stuck in the maze, but the scene had to have a little dynamism without losing the mystery.

Tome 4

This fourth volume takes place on the edge of a lake, where there is a mysterious island with a sacred temple within it. The heroine advancing in her quest while having grown up, I had to portray this maturation and this evolution of the story by illustrating a more mature world, always stalked by the main antagonist, without losing the fantasy places .

Les Élus et les Pierres Stellaires are available at Éditions du bout de la rue.