“”Passionate about art and all that is beautiful in general, I knew very early that my life would revolve around creation””

I’m a dreamer. And my dreams are meant to help others to dream, let’s just say that I am an artist who likes everything but who likes to master his tools.

As a child, I drew my comics, I created my magazines and I invented stories that came to life on paper. After graduating from a school of applied arts, I worked at a publisher, then freelance, and communication agency …

After a long way in life, I joined Storm Communication founded by two school friends, focusing mainly on Print and Project Management. I also have an alternative site devoted to digital painting, My Digital Portrait and I work regularly in the audiovisual sector with my friend and colleague Mathieu Caillière, aka Allegoria Studio.

I teach PAO at the School of Applied Arts in Nice, I train for companies or individuals, and I work today with various clients and communication agencies.

Project process

When creating a project, it is essential to have an organization to carry it out.

I prefer to work transparently on this side.


A first contact with the customer, whether physical or virtual. In order for you to explain to me your request, that I analyze your needs, that we define the bases of the project.


Let’s plan a deadline and steps. We need to know when and how the project will end, no matter how complex it is.

Let’s set the rules.


This is where I really intervene. From the sources that you will provide me (texts and photos), I work hard to realize your project.

Someone famous once said “Harder ! Harder !!” (if you ever read this, I hope you at least smiled).


The first renderings, the first tests. All is not perfect and it’s normal for a beta phase. Reassemble the misprints while I correct the bugs.

Promised, the next step will be the last.


The launch of the project.

Whether it’s a flyer or a website, your project is completed and delivered.