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The Context

Edzing Lingerie is, as its name very clearly indicates, a newly created lingerie brand, whose product prices are intended to be accessible to the public.

“Edzing” meaning “love” in Gabon, it was necessary that the communication is done starting in this direction, without being sexual.

The Project

Desire, passion, sensuality.

These were the key words used to prepare the photo shoot that would be used in the brand’s advertising campaign.

Brainstorming made it possible to prepare visuals and to discard others. In reality, an important part of improvisation and spontaneity make it possible to obtain very beautiful photos.

Les Ways

I used my premises at the time because of the large free space and the ambient light.

The second shoot was done in apartment to give a more credible atmosphere for the buyers.

The purchase of additional lighting and the intervention of a makeup artist became paramount.

The Photo Shooting

The photos were the least retouched possible to show a model as natural as possible; only the colors and the lights were raised.

The logo and the making-of were created by my colleague and friend Alexandre Napoli, aka A2HN.

Realized within the agency Storm Communication.

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