I drew a Skull Girl at the Salon du Tattoo in Nice to illustrate the poster of the event.
I drew the girl naked so that I could change the tattoos if adjustments were to take place.

Girl’s Power is a work created the occasion of a collective exhibition.

Preparatory sketches.

The Shadow of My Heart is an unfinished graphic novel in which novel and comics blend.



The Context

I made dozens of book covers for different publishers. Most of the time, I began by reading a summary or the text on the back cover to give me a general idea of the book. But very often, I ask more details to the author to grasp the essence of his text. Unfortunately, I do not have time to read the books for which I work, especially since most of the time they are still in the test state being corrected.

Even if the content is good, we can not deny that a book catches the eye thanks to its cover, so it’s a difficult challenge for me because I have to illustrate at best what he is talking about, without revealing too much. I decide either to take a specific scene, or to thematize the book through a single image, either through photomontage or digital painting.

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